WPD Ambulance News

EMS Week May 24 - 30, 2015

May 31st 2015

All three services participated in various activities as services across the country recognized EMS Week and appreciation for all emergency services workers and first responders.

Rosthern & District Ambulance Care:

Blood pressure clinic

Nursing home visits

WPD Ambulance - North Battleford:

Visited local schools

Blood pressure clinic

Mock accident at North Battleford Comprehensive School

Beef on a bun lunch - Proceeds going to local Kid Sport

WPD Ambulance - Lloydminster:

Visit to local Day Care and provided ambulance tours

Teddy bear clinic

Blood pressure clinics

Ball game with WPD staff vs. Lloydminster Comprehensive School SADD

Attended the annual Show and Shine at Lloydminster Comprehensive School

Held a mock accident at Wal-Mart

BBQ lunch at Safeway - Proceeds going to Olive Tree

Thank you to all our staff and supporters that made EMS Week a success!